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LeveL ATS Completes Next Generation Upgrade working with Leading Edge Technology Provider
January 28, 2014

LeveL ATS Completes Next Generation Upgrade working with Leading Edge Technology Provider

BOSTON, January 28, 2014 LeveL ATS, a consortium owned US Equity Dark Pool launched in September 2006, is excited to announce the completion of its next generation matching engine. LeveL ATS enlisted the expertise of Thesys Technology, a leading provider of high performance technology systems. LeveL CEO Whit Conary said "We are very excited about this next step in LeveL's history. This new technology provides LeveL's customers with some of the fastest response times in the market place, allowing customers to access our diverse liquidity quickly and efficiently. LeveL routinely executes more than 4,000 unique symbols daily with over 50% of its executed volume in mid and small cap securities."

The new LeveL ATS matching engine was built from the ground up as a standalone platform using the latest in state of the art technology. The highly customizable platform is located in the NY4 datacenter in order to give customers seamless connectivity in a centralized facility.

Thesys has emerged as a pioneer of high-performance technology systems with a belief in the need for democratizing the playing field of financial technology. "The adoption of modern technology is critical to leveling the playing field between the buy side and professional traders" said Manoj Narang, Chairman and CEO of Tradeworx Inc, the parent company of Thesys and the provider of the MIDAS platform to the Securities and Exchange Commission. “Fast order response times help to reduce the opportunity cost for routing orders to multiple pools of liquidity."

Since launching its new platform on October 21, 2013, LeveL ATS has seen its roundtrip gateway to gateway latency average fall to below 60 microseconds. The increase of both speed and throughput capacity has made LeveL a desirable first stop for many users. LeveL ATS remains committed to its mission of providing value added solutions and best execution, while minimizing information leakage and market impact in a Dark Pool environment.

About LeveL Alternative Trading System:

LeveL ATS is a low cost US Equity Dark Pool trading platform that provides for multi-tiered crossing opportunities giving customers an environment where trades have the opportunity to be seamlessly executed in a fast and efficient manner while minimizing information leakage and market impact. LeveL ATS is driven by low-cost pricing and a low-latency, highly stable platform. For more information visit, www.LeveLATS.com.

About Thesys Technologies:

Thesys Technologies LLC is the infrastructure affiliate of Tradeworx, serving the high-performance technology needs of market participants with the mission of democratizing the spread of top tier technology within the financial sector. Thesys offers the fastest and most comprehensive front-to-back trading solution on the market, putting investors and traders on a level playing field with the world's most sophisticated HFT firms. Thesys maintains a leadership position within the automated trading industry and its systems currently handle 4-5% of US Equities total daily trading volume.

LeveL ATS is a member of FINRA and SIPC

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Chiara Sarata | LeveL ATS
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