LeveL ATS is an independently operated US Equity Alternative Trading System designed to facilitate fast and efficient execution in a dark pool environment.

Launched in 2006, LeveL ATS provides a continuous crossing platform, giving customers the opportunity for seamless trading in a highly stable dark pool environment while minimizing information leakage and market impact.

March 26, 2020

Total Matched Volume*
Current Month ADV*

*Figures are double-counted to include all volume traded on LeveL ATS (i.e., both sides of the transaction)


Q1: WHO CAN TRADE ON LEVEL ATS? A1: All LeveL ATS subscribers must be U.S. Registered Broker-Dealers. Q2: HOW DO I CONNECT TO LEVEL ATS? A2: Subscribers can connect via cross connects within Equinix NY4 or through various extranet providers. Please contact us at or at 617-203-3156 for additional information. Q3: DOES LEVEL ATS ROUTE MY ORDER FLOW OUTSIDE OF ITS SYSTEM? A3: No. LeveL ATS does not route any order flow. Q4: WHERE IS THE LEVEL ATS MATCHING ENGINE LOCATED? A4: The LeveL ATS matching engine is located in Equinix NY4 Secaucus, NJ. Q5: CAN I CO-LOCATE WITH LEVEL ATS? A5: LeveL ATS does not offer the ability to co-locate directly with the matching engine, however as noted above, the LeveL ATS Matching Engine is located in Equinix NY4. Q6: WHAT IS LEVEL ATS' MARKET PARTICIPANT ID (MPID)? A6: The MPID for LeveL ATS is EBXL. Q7: WHAT IS LEVEL ATS' MIC CODE? A7: The MIC CODE for LeveL ATS is LEVL. Q8: WHAT ARE THE HOURS OF OPERATION FOR LEVEL ATS? A8: The LeveL ATS Production system is available between 7:00am - 5:00pm EST. Resting orders will be accepted between 7:30am - 4:00pm EST, with IOC orders accepted 9:30am - 4:00pm EST pending symbol open.

Order Matching - Executions will occur between 9:30am - 4:00pm EST. * (Holiday hours as the exception)
Q9: HOW DO I ENTER AN ORDER ON LEVEL ATS? A9: LeveL ATS supports order entry via FIX 4.2 only. Q10: WHAT SECURITIES DOES LEVEL TRADE? A10: LeveL ATS trades NMS securities that are listed to trade in 100 share lots. Q11: WHERE DOES LEVEL ATS GET ITS MARKET DATA? A11: LeveL ATS uses the SIP for its Market Data. Q12: DOES LEVEL ATS EXECUTE OUTSIDE THE NBBO? A12: No. LeveL ATS is designed to execute at or within the known NBBO at the time of the execution. Q13: WHERE DOES LEVEL ATS PRINT ITS TRADES? A13: LeveL ATS executions are printed to the FINRA/NASDAQ TRF. Q14: HOW DOES LEVEL ATS DETERMINE A SYMBOL AS “OPEN"? A14: LeveL ATS uses trade reports from CTS/UTDF. Each trade report signifies whether that trade is "last sale eligible." The symbol is deemed to have been opened when the first trade report is received and is marked as "last sale eligible" as determined by the consolidated tape. Q15: WHAT IS THE PRIORITY MODEL FOR ORDER MATCHING? A15: LeveL ATS is designed to match all orders based on Price/Time priority logic, barring additional execution instructions. Q16: WHAT ORDER TYPES DOES LEVEL ATS SUPPORT? A16:

  • Market
  • Limit
  • Peg
    • Market
    • Midpoint
    • Primary
  • Conditional

For more information about our order types, or additional order instructions, please contact our Help Desk at or 800-958-4813.
Q17: DOES LEVEL ATS UTILIZE INDICATIONS OF INTEREST (IOI) IN ANY WAY? A17: LeveL ATS accepts both Firm Orders and Conditional Orders. Conditional Orders, which function similarly to IOIs, never execute and, instead, are instructions to the LeveL ATS that the subscriber wishes to interact with the LeveL ATS order book on a conditional basis. In the event eligible contra party interest exists, the subscriber that submitted the Conditional Order will be sent an invitation to submit a Firm-Up Response Order to the LeveL ATS.

LeveL's default system setting for Firm Orders is to not generate invitation requests, (IOIs). Subscribers have the option to request that this default setting be removed for their orders. Once removed, subscribers may designate, on an order-by-order basis, which of their Firm Orders are ineligible to generate a Firm-Up Invitation (IOI) to Conditional Orders.
Q18: HOW DOES LEVEL ATS HANDLE CONDITIONAL ORDERS? A18: A Conditional Order is an instruction to the ATS that the participant wants to interact with the order book on a conditional basis. A Conditional Order never executes; instead, when a Conditional Order would have otherwise matched with a contra party, the Conditional Order will be canceled by LeveL ATS and an invitation will be sent to the originating participant, inviting them to send a Firm-Up Response Order.

  • LeveL ATS will honor all execution instructions on an order-by-order basis for Conditional Orders and Firm-Up Response Orders; however, executions will only occur at the midpoint of the NBBO at the time of the execution.
  • All Participants in good standing are allowed to place Conditional Orders.
  • All Fills on Conditional Order Firm-Up Responses will only be non-aggregated fills.
Q19: HOW DOES CANCEL-REPLACE AFFECT MY ORDERS PRIORITY? A19: A reduction in quantity is the only change that will maintain an orders current priority in the LeveL ATS book. All other changes will result in the order being treated as a new order. Q20: DOES LEVEL ATS SUPPORT ODD LOTS OR MIXED LOTS? A20: LeveL ATS's default settings will reject odd lot orders. Mixed lots will be accepted; however, only the round lot portion will be available for execution, with the remaining odd lot canceled back to the subscriber following the last round lot execution.

Subscribers have the option to include an execution instruction(s) on an order-by-order basis making Odd and Mixed Lot orders eligible for execution.
Q21: DOES LEVEL ATS SUPPORT MIN QTY? A21: Yes. By default LeveL ATS allows aggregation to satisfy MinQty, however; subscribers, can include an execution instruction on an order-by-order basis to achieve only non-aggregated fills. Subscribers can also choose from several other execution instructions to further control how their leaves are handled in relation to their MinQty instructions. Please contact LeveL ATS at or 800-958-4813 for more details. Q22: HOW ARE ORDERS HANDLED IN A LOCKED MARKET? A22: LeveL ATS will execute in a locked market by default; however, users can include an execution instruction on an order-by-order basis to prevent order matching in a locked market. Additionally, users can submit a request to LeveL ATS to have "No Match in Locked Market" set at the session level. Please contact LeveL ATS for more details or 800-958-4813. Q23: HOW DOES LEVEL ATS DETERMINE PRICE IMPROVEMENT A23: LeveL ATS is designed to split price improvement equally between both sides of an execution of Firm Orders.

Firm-Up Response Orders will only execute at the Midpoint of the NBBO at the time of the execution.

Where two Firm orders are eligible to match at multiple price levels, LeveL ATS will seek to match the orders at or within the NBBO at the midpoint of the trading range as determined by each order's instructions.

Where the NBBO is $10.00 X $10.01, a midpoint pegged buy order is sent ($10.0050). The seller enters a market sell order at $10.00. LeveL ATS will match the orders at $10.0025, splitting the price improvement equally between both orders.
Q24: DOES LEVEL ATS OFFER THE ABILITY TO CUSTOMIZE THE TYPE OF FLOW I INTERACT WITH? A24: Yes. LeveL ATS offers all users the ability to customize their eligible contra party interaction. For more information please contact our Sales Desk at or 617-203-3156.
Q25: DOES LEVEL ATS PROVIDE CUSTOMIZED REPORTS? A25: Upon request, LeveL will review any such request and, when appropriate, provide customized reports. For more information please contact our Help Desk at or 800-958-4813.

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